How Can I Get A PayPal Login?

Having a PayPal login can help you send and receive money through the linkage of your credit card or your debit card. In order to get your free PayPal account, it would need just three items. First a mobile device or a mobile device with a web browser program, an Internet connection, and an email account that already exists.

The major benefit of getting a my PayPal account is that you can access it at any time from any web browser program. Furthermore, you can use it to send payments for online purchases or get payments for your services or products. This is particularly true for those who have small and medium sized businesses.

Described next are the procedures with their images, to help you get your login.

• Go to a web browser and visit the homepage of PayPal at
• Once you have the webpage loaded, you will find the sign up page of PayPal as in the first image. Click the blue “Sign Up” blue button on the top right portion of the screen.

paypal login

• Next, you would find the sign up screen of PayPal, like in image 2. Pick if you want a Personal Account or a Business Account and click on the blue “Continue” button. In this instance, let us try to get a Personal Account.

paypal account

• It is a possibility that you might see another person’s PayPal account, not the sign up page as intended. When this happens, log out initially, and then reload the website. If it happens that you cannot find the sign up form, remove from your web browser your history, cache, passwords, or cookies. Open the webpage also on another web browser.

• On this page, type in all of the required fields like your Email and your Password. Afterwards, reenter your password. Next, click on the blue “Continue” button.

my paypal account

• You have to ensure that you have not used your email before to sign up for PayPal previously. PayPal will guarantee if your email was already used. This email will be used as your login.

• Similar to other online accounts, PayPal needs a password for security and safety. This is particularly important for PayPal, because money will go in and out of the account. Research a bit on how to design the perfect password. As you type in your password, they will be substituted with dots. PayPal needs passwords that are 8 characters in length, at the least.

• The next page will make you fill out more details about yourself. Fill out the required fields, like your Legal First Name, Legal Last Name, Date of Birth, Street address, City, Zip code, Mobile, and Verification code. Everything else is optional. Afterwards, tick the check box if you agree to the terms and conditions of PayPal. Then, click on the “Agree and Create Account” blue button. Now you have a PayPal login account! login